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Something was born…


© Eleonore Bridge – Le Blog de la Méchante

Though this post might seem more newsworthy than ever with the birth of the royal baby a few hours ago, its title has nothing to do with this so long expected event, but is simply an introduction to one of my future posts I chose to entitle “New Beginning…”!

I was supposed to publish the article today, but as I’m not completely satisfied yet & still want to work on it, it will have to wait for at least tomorrow!

Consequently, I wanted to share some gorgeous pictures that inspired me on the new starts, births and rebirths themes! So just in case you’re wondering where the inspiration of my next article partly comes from, your answer is in those photos!

So enjoy the ride and get ready for tomorrow’s post 😉 !!!


© Eleonore Bridge – Le Blog de la Méchante


© Eleonore Bridge – Le Blog de la Méchante

With this,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉




Interview of my lovely Flavie Peticoeur ♥ (or as I like to call her #MonPetitChatPréféré ^^ ♥♥♥ #MaFlaviePeticoeur)

Shame on those of you (well no, I’m just kidding but really!!!), who have never heard of the very sweet & talented Flavie Peticoeur, whose Fashion & Lifestyle Blog has delighted lots of “petits chats” for quite a few years now ;)! Flavie Peticoeur is not only a truly talented blogger, but she’s also one of the sweetest persons I know (and this thanks to this fabulous adventure on the blogosphere :D!).

Woooo I’m so excited to write that post!!!! Ever since I received Flavie’s answers to all my questions, the only thing I’ve been waiting for is that particular & precious moment, when I will finally be able to publish the interview of my very sincerely cherished Flavie. I know her real name’s not Flavie, but that’s how I chose to call her in this article, as it is the name of her lovely blog’s character ;)!

It’s been a while since I wanted to interview my adorable Flavie Peticoeur :)… not only because she’s one of my most faithful readers, but also and above all because I literally ‘fell in love’ with her blog and immediately got along with her character of Flavie! Plus, between bloggers, who apparently like each other’s blog, we simply decided to keep in touch via whatever existing social media 😉 and now… I think I definitely view Flavie as, what I could call, a model… or even a sister! She’s a very strong inspiration; whatever I’m trying to achieve now, whether it concerns the blog or my professional life, she’s like the big sister one wants to follow the example of xx !

Well, I think I’ve been babbling enough so… before you read the actual interview, I’ve gathered of few of her very beloved illustrations, which will introduce the very sweet Flavie  to those of you, who wouldn’t know her yet 😉 I know you will LOVE them… who wouldn’t?!

(This interview is a bit different from Jamie’s one, regarding that we couldn’t arrange to meet and so we did it via email ^^)

So… Enjoy! 😉

interview flavie peticoeur
© Flavie Peticoeur – http://flaviepeticoeur.com 

1. Who is Flavie Peticoeur? #TheGirlBehindtheBlog ^^

I am a 23 year old marketer & communicant. I was an independent consultant for a while, now I am a Community Manager, working for an awesome social network… My dad would tell you I have been drawing ever since I was able to hold a pen ! So my two passions are communication and illustration… Blogging was therefore made for me !! My real name is Florence ; I named my character as a tribute to my beloved GrandMa !

2. When did you start writing your blog and why?

I’ve had the blog for a while, but I really started taking care of it (like a baby !) in October 2012. People were positive and supportive when I showed them my illustrations ; and I really wanted to build my Flavie a little universe !

3. What is your blog mainly about?

It is about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I believe Flavie Peticoeur has a special way to approach these topics … In fact, a woman’s life is so complex (jobs, husbands, boyfriends, kids …) that it is nice to have a ‘light’ place where shallowness is ok ! The blog presents nice stuff that girls might like to buy : it is easy, fun and friendly!

4. Has your blog opened you doors to any fantastic ‘adventures’ like meeting with other bloggers, travels, etc?

Oh yes ! I really enjoy answering all the mails I might receive (about 70 a day), comments, etc. And that leads to build bonds and connections with some of them (a lot actually). And this is simply awesome. Some readers follow my wedding preparation, tell me their story, their projects, ask me for advice … I end up knowing a significant number of them : and this is marvellous. 
I have also met a lot of journalists, bloggers …

5.Are you sometimes asked for collaborations & advertisement?

About twice a week ! To be honest it is mostly advertisement that brands ask for. Most of the time my answer is no. I have the most profound respect for the lovely people that read my blog, and what they like about it, is that it is sincere. I feel that if I accept promoting something that is not appropriate, or doesn’t fit their expectations, it would be like a betrial. 
So when I do accept, they’re sure I have chosen the best product, the best collaborator, and so they can trust my choice !

6. How much time do you spend on your blog?

From 2 to 4 hours a day ! Luckily I don’t sleep much ! It is mainly about answering people, which is time-consuming ; but that’s so fun to do ! It is a bit harder to find ideas for articles : I always stroll around with a little drawing notebook in order to be able to write anything that might pop up !

7. What is your typical ‘blogger day’ composed of?

7h30 : I wake up ! I take a coffee, wipe my eyes, put my glasses on and LET’S GO ! First I check my emails and  answer them… Check blog’s comments … Write my article if I am inspired … Then I stay tuned most of the day in case there’s something that needs me to answer or be reactive to. But now that I am starting my new job (next week yay !) ; I think my blog-rythm is about to get all shook up !

8. What kind of atmosphere did you want to create on your blog?

Something fun, light and easy ! I wanted to be able to talk about everything I like : fashion, beauty, travels, culture … Without having an odd patchwork sense ! I think it does go well ! I can write about red lipsticks and high range of arty movies ; and readers are always there to like it ! I feel lucky to have that diversity of topics !

9. What do you like the most about blogging?

The contact ! I am a ‘people-person’ ; I like to talk, exchange, discover about others, and meeting virtually all these people is a thrill for me ! I also love sharing my illustrations. I must admit that I am surprised every time someone tells me « this is nice»! The whole experience is really fun !

10. What kind of posts do you prefer writing?

Clearly the illustrations ones : it is fun finding new ways to introduce them, new concepts, new ideas… My Flavie illustrates everything I love : simplicity, chic, discretion… She is playful and yet very serious with her strict glasses… She is like a tiny summary of all the things that women are made of ! These are clearly my favorite articles !

11. Which post has been the most successful so far? And which post has been your favourite so far?

The most successful has been the one about BB creams (http://flaviepeticoeur.com/2012/11/13/bb-cremes-le-guide-pour-choisir-la-bonne/) It was a guide to pick the right one. It has been a lot of work (and experimentations !) to gather all these pieces of advice ; it was awesome to see that the readers liked it ! 
Every last article I write is my favourite, and then the following one becomes my favourite… It’s my validation criteria… If I don’t feel that way, it’s that the article won’t thrill my readers either ! 

12. Which supreme advice would you give to a new blogger , … Hmm… like me ^^?

Sincerity and proximity are the blogger’s middle name ! As long as what you write comes out straight from your heart ; there’s always going to be people to like it ! If you feel close to the people you write to, they will automatically feel close to you ! And here they are : all the elements for an extraordinary blogging experience !

That was a VERY great interview, wasn’t it?! I would like to thank Flavie a lot for her answers and her time 🙂 I would also like to thank her  SO much for this illustration (which is nothing but my blogger portrait – I really LOVE it so thank you my darling ;)!) she ESPECIALLY made for this post! ♥♥ 

Marie Dubreuil - illustration
© Flavie Peticoeur – Thank you so much Mon Petit Chat Préféré ♥

I truly hope you’ll LOVE it as much as I do… because here’s the new face of On my way… ^^

As far as you’re concerned, mon petit chat préféré #MaFlaviePeticoeur, I hope you’ll like that post and anyway… I see you very soon; in England or in France, but VERY SOON, that’s for sure 😉 xxxx ♥♥♥♥

And guys, still remember…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉


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Two of the most beautiful words just for you… ‘Thank you’

Hello there, I promised you the other day I would write to you on Sunday, so… here it is! I published a Press-minute a few days ago to allow you to ask me whatever you wanted, but I didn’t get any questions, so I was a bit surprised to see that you weren’t more curious than that (even if I can understand you don’t want to be indiscrete or anything, but this is something I suggested so I’m DEFINNITELY ready to answer your questions ;)!), but I’m not in a rush at all, so I’m still waiting for you to write to me 😉 x

Today’s post is dedicated to YOU, my lovely readers ;)! Indeed, I would like to thank all of you SO MUCH for reading my articles, following the blog, liking the posts, sharing them and coming more and more numerous over here. I don’t know if you can imagine how joy-overwhelmed I am! This is really crazy! I mean, I started writing about three months ago and now, you’re more than 100 WordPress followers and I’m not even counting all the people, who follow me on the diverse social networks.

I’m so glad to read all your very kind comments and to see that you like what I write. It really means a lot to me, so… thank you for that (once again!)!

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Believe it or not, but by reading my articles, you simply make me want to do even better and as I don’t want to disappoint anyone, I simply keep on writing down what’s in my heart. And isn’t it the best way to write?

So basically, with this little post, I just want to say ‘THANK YOU’…. To you: my cheery dear readers, my deeply beloved friends & family… to life actually!

Just promise me you won’t forget to…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉