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Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life

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Something was born…


© Eleonore Bridge – Le Blog de la Méchante

Though this post might seem more newsworthy than ever with the birth of the royal baby a few hours ago, its title has nothing to do with this so long expected event, but is simply an introduction to one of my future posts I chose to entitle “New Beginning…”!

I was supposed to publish the article today, but as I’m not completely satisfied yet & still want to work on it, it will have to wait for at least tomorrow!

Consequently, I wanted to share some gorgeous pictures that inspired me on the new starts, births and rebirths themes! So just in case you’re wondering where the inspiration of my next article partly comes from, your answer is in those photos!

So enjoy the ride and get ready for tomorrow’s post 😉 !!!


© Eleonore Bridge – Le Blog de la Méchante


© Eleonore Bridge – Le Blog de la Méchante

With this,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉



Nina… One of my favourite perfumes 

So today I wanna share with you some gorgeous photos, taken by Eleonore Bridge for the advert of Nina, the divine perfume by Nina Ricci <3.

I truly LOVE this perfume… I think it quite reflects who I am (at least I hope so ^^)! It’s sweet, fresh and fruity: a very springy & summery perfume… and it is also a very feminine scent! I JUST L.O.V.E. it!!! **

Nina is a new modern fairytale fragrance aimed at younger audience. Nina is an elegant floral-fruity gourmand fragrance, the scent of candied fruits. The composition starts sparkly and spontaneous, just like a carefree laughter with the fresh citrus notes of lemon and lime. The sweet gourmand heart is juicy and caramelly due to candied apple, praline note and vanilla whose opulent veil wraps the softly sweet peony and the Moonflower. Finally the apple tree, white cedar and balmy musk notes are touching your skin with their warm and soft sensuality.


I hope you, guys, liked this post & photos and… I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned, THIS is gonna be my summer perfume ^^!!!


With this, my lovely ones, I’m leaving you today with this little quote to meditate 🙂

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ” 
― Christian Dior

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉

Lots of love and perfumed kisses ❤


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The event ‘Andy’ by Eleonore Bridge OR what I want to achieve!


As you can see it, I am today going to talk about what I truly intend to do with my life… It sounds quite serious, doesn’t it?! But don’t worry my sweet peas, even though I’m gonna write about my ‘professional life’ (such a big word, isn’t it?!), I am also going to introduce you to a QUITE recent & very nice event, called Andy.

Now, I guess that you may wonder WHAT this event has to do with my professional projects… Well, the answer’s pretty easy, as I would like to partly become an event organiser! I wrote “partly”, because I really like writing my blog too, and I would like to have this editorial aspect in my future job! So what am I going to be then? A kind of fellow blogger-journalist & event organiser?! Well… kinda yeah!

It quite took me a while to truly figure out what I wanted to do, and this may also still only be an outline, but this is basically where I’m going ^^ !!! And as you know, I am slightly a determined person, so I’ll do my best to get what I want ;)!

Besides, I chose to illustrate this project and this blogpost with the example of Andy, which was dedicated to the day everyone is kinda waiting for, the very special day of our wedding :)!

Thus, JUST FOR YOU, my lovely ones, and for our eyes’ pleasure, I selected some pictures on Eleonore Bridge’s blog that were taken by Elodie Winter.

So enjoy the ride!

Elodie-Winter-Andy-50-728x485 Ela-and-the-poppies-Andy-23-728x485 Martin-Condomines-73-728x485 Elodie-Winter-Andy-43-728x485 Xavier-Navarro-127-728x485

I also want to share the video, dedicated to this special event, so that you can have a better idea of what this was all about…

A great video and gorgeous photos! What’s better than that to cheer you up by this always-hard day that is MONDAY?!

With this, my angels (quite appropriate after all those heavenly pictures ^^), still remember…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉


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Discover ‘Cold spring’ by Eleonore Bridge

Cold spring | Eleonore Bridge, blog mode, site féminin, Paris.

Hi everyone! As you can see it, I decided to share my ‘crush’ of the day, which is nothing but an article of the amazing Eleonore Bridge. Her blog is very lovely and a real inspiration to me (and to lots of other bloggers, I think ;)!).

The beautiful pictures you’ve got above are credited on her blog, where (by the way) you’ll find everything you want to know about this blogger and what she does, ETC.

But for now, you can simply enjoy some of the photos of her last post and notice how newsworthy this article is! ‘Cold Spring’… I couldn’t have found a better title to describe the current rubbish weather we’re having in England (even if, I must admit, yesterday and today were quite nice days, almost reaching 10°C! We could barely sunbathing :p!).

Anyway, I hope you’ll like that!

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life, my lovely ones (especially enjoy these ‘warm’ days… I know! “WARM” may not be that appropriate, but when you’re living in England, you have to reconsider everything concerning the temperatures ^^!)

I write to you very soon (when I can get some time between two chapters of my report ;)!)