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E-Interview with Celinde Schoenmaker

Wow! I’m finally releasing this post I was really looking forward to writing! I promised some of my readers another interview with a cast member of Les Misérables, and it was obvious to me to choose Celinde, as she is one of my three favourite performers of the former cast (I’m by the way talking about it a little bit more in this post here :)… in case you would have missed it ^^ !!!).

Celinde is an amazing performer! She was playing Fantine in Les Misérables and is about to play Jenny in Love Story. This girl is just brilliant! As I have already written it in another post, her voice is GOLD… I mean it sounds like gold (if it makes sense to you?!)! Every note is beautiful and makes each second of a performance magic! When you listen to her, you’re like in a completely different world! Her voice and the way she sings is so marvellously exquisite & angelic & pure that you feel it can’t be real… Not even after a second, you’re not in this world anymore… A second is well enough for her to cast her magic spell, and this spell is not casted with a wand… but with a voice!


Having said that, I think I’ll try to plan a little trip to Holland to go see her Jenny ;)! And I actually hope most of my readers will try to do the same, because she’s way worth it!!!

With this, let’s focus on the main point of this article… her interview! Or slightly E-Interview! Indeed, it was too complicated for both of us to meet, so I effectively couldn’t do the same as with Jamie’s interview :/! It’s true to say that I prefer interviewing someone who is in front of me, but one can sometimes not manage to do everything they want so… :(! I would have loved to meet her, as I think she’s a very nice person and as my first interview with a member of this very friendly-looking former cast went pretty well (I think I can say that ^^, it was a really lovely time), but also as she is keen on horse riding, well… I think we could have understood each other :p!!

1. Who is Celinde Schoenmaker? 

Celinde schoenmaker is a 24 year old dutchie who likes to sing and act !

2. Have you always wanted to have a career in musical theatre?

Yes, ever since I was about 8 years old and started as Tessie in Annie the musical!

3. How would you qualify the importance of musical theatre in your life? 

VERY important, it’s my big love! 

4. Every little girl has a dream… what was yours? 

Becoming a vet! Haha, and then a pilot and then I thought… No I gotta do something on stage! 

5. How did you come to play the role of Fantine in Les Misérables in London? 

I auditioned for it! Came over when I heard they were auditioning.

6. How would you describe what/how you felt when you learnt you were coming to the West End?

Oh wow, that was the best feeling in the world!!! It’s any actors dream to be on West End at some point in your career. So I felt incredibly lucky! 

7. What did this experience bring you eventually? Professionally or/and personally speaking?

I mean, as a performer I gained my first bit of experience, ’cause I only graduated a year ago. It was great for me to stand on my own, to feet again, after having spent 4 years at drama school.

8. What is Celinde Schoenmaker’s typical day of work?

Ohhh that changed a bit now because I’m waiting for Love story to start. But a typical day would be… me getting up late, getting breakfast, talking with some friends on Facetime or Skype (if I’m working abroad), going to the gym, getting some food, and then going to do the show! But because we’re touring with Love Story, I think it might be a bit different time-wise. 

9. Do you have a kind of “special routine” or little tips so as to get ready before the shows? 

Always vocal warm up, and I drink water…. other than that if the show’s really in my body, I don’t have to prepare for hours!

10. What do you like the most about your job?

I LOVE singing on stage and sharing my part of the story with the audience. Gives me goosebumps thinking about it. 

11. Among all the shows you’ve been in, is there one you particularly really fancied? 

LES MIS of course! Because it was my first job after drama school and I’ve loved the show since I was a little girl. Also, Fantine was my dream role !

12. Do you have a favourite musical? If yes, which one? 
Is there a particular sort of musicals you really like? (regarding the main themes of a musical)

LES MIS!  I think it’s the mother of all musicals.

13. In Les Mis… Who is your favourite character? Would you have rather played another character that would maybe have been closer to you? What’s your favourite song? And which song of that show speaks the most to you?

I think…. Javert, just because I would love to sing Javert’s Suicide! Fantine was always the one part I wanted to play. I think my favorite song of the show is of course I dreamed a dream and…. the Confrontation.

14. Do you have hobbies? Things you like doing (apart from singing ^^)?

I LOVE CYCLING! In Holland I cycle everywhere. Ehm, I also love dancing, and I’ve had a horse for a long time but had to stop when I was 18 when I went to England. But I still love to do that!

15. Do you have any project after that fantastic show? I heard you were going back to Netherlands?

I’m doing a Disney Concert in August and then in September I’m starting Love Story

16. I’ve also got a few questions from your Twitter Fan page @CelindeSHair :

   a. What is your vocal range?

Vocal range: high soprano. 

We can by the way admire another performance of Celinde in the video below! 😉

b. What is your character like in LOVE STORY? (as it apparently is what’s next for you^^)

Jenny is a strong & bright young woman who is a student at Radcliff University, falls in love with Oliver, she gives up her dream of becoming a professional musician to be with him but then she gets sick…

And here it is my lovely, the very expected interview of Celinde Schoenamker :)! I’m more than happy to have done that and I would like to thank Celinde a lot for taking some of her time to answer all my questions! That’s very kind of you, so thanks a lot!!!  Xxx

Another interview of the amazing Celinde –>

With this,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉



An interview with Jamie Ward (the amazing current ‘Marius’ of West End – London)

Here it is, guys! The FAMOUS post I’ve been talking about in an older article (A beautiful mess of feelings…) is finally released!

As you can read it, my idea was to interview the fantastic ‘Marius’ (Jamie Ward) of West End! For those of you who’d be a bit lost (and shame on you if you are! (no I’m kidding) But come on, guys, I’m just talking about THE musical of the year (and also my big crush, I must admit ^^)… Does Les Misérables ring a bell to you now? I truly hope it does!!!) This show is simply amazing! But honestly, how could it be some other way when the story was written by the GREAT Victor Hugo?! (Yeah, I’m a fan, a real one! But I’m French and keen on the 19th century literature, so what did you expect?)

Jamie Ward as Marius (I totally forgot to ask him for a picture, so that's the only one you're gonna have... I'm sorry :s)http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/jamie+ward

Jamie Ward as Marius (I totally forgot to ask him for a picture, so that’s the only one you’re gonna have… I’m sorry :s) http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/jamie+ward

I have probably already told you I went to see the show on March, 6th (my dad couldn’t make me a more beautiful gift! Everything was so perfect… We had really good seats… in the orchestra,please (I was like “Really Dad?”) , we were not too close, not too far, not too ‘left’ or ‘right’, we just had the perfect seats right in the middle to enjoy all the things the show had to offer!) and since then, I truly can’t take the songs & the performance of this incredible 2013 London cast (notably starring (of course) Jamie Ward as MariusDanielle Hope asEponineGeronimo Rauch as Jean ValjeanCelinde Schoenmaker as Fantine, Samantha Dorsey as Cosette, Tam Mutu as Javert, Christopher Jacobsen as Enjolras, Cameron Blakely and Vicky Entwistle as Les Thénardier, and lots of other people who were all absolutely great)  off of my head! I still have thrills when I think about it and I am still speechless… the only word I can use to describe the power and the beauty of this show is “AMAZING”!!!! (yeah, I LOVED it!)

And as a real blogger, I had to write something about it! I mean, as you know it, this blog is about me and what I like or hate… and I… just HAD TO write about Les Mis!!! But I wanted this post to be very special. I couldn’t write a simple common article about the show regarding how much I’ve enjoyed it. So I thought of what could make it more original and that’s how I had the idea of the interview.But then my question was “Who am I going to interview? They were all so amazing!” But the answer was actually not so hard to find… it was here, deep inside my heart. There were two songs, which truly made me cry during the show (I’m not joking! My brother kept on teasing me after that… I guess he’s not so sensitive, or maybe is he too young?); they were “A little fall of rain” and above all “Empty chairs at empty tables”. And then I knew, if I made an interview, it would be with this extremely talented guy playing Marius, Mr Jamie Ward.

I really did my best to get this interview, I never gave up (I may even have been quite annoying sometimes… So I’m sorry about that, Jamie :s), but I’ve got it now and I must say that I was really glad to meet him, it was really kind of him to accept to answer my questions (but when you think about it, it’s not really surprising! People from English-speaking countries are very nice, anyway so much nicer than in France, where about 90% of the population is, let’s say it, RUDE. And notice that I’m quite optimistic when I say 90% and no more!). Well, it was a lovely time, and I think Jamie is a very nice, dynamic and passionate person… I only have a little brother, but to be honest, if I had had a big brother, who could have been a model to me, I wish he had been like Jamie; someone who you’re comfortable to talk to.

But I think I’m getting a bit lost, because you don’t care about all these details, do you? You just want the ‘result’ of the interview, so I’d better start talking about it ^^. (So you’ll have the questions I asked him and then I tried to sum up his answers… in short, don’t be too critical! It’s not like I’m not used to take notes in English but each time he was telling me something, I had another question in mind that was coming, but I had to write the key words down and then I couldn’t remember what I wanted to ask, so…I hope you’ll quite like it, anyway ;)!)

1) How did you know you wanted to have a career in musicals? 

Jamie told me that there were two categories of people. There were those, who knew what they wanted and those, who were made for something. And he definitely said he was part of the first category. He knew what he wanted and has always known it. He needed this creative aspect whatever he did, he knew he wanted this in his life. So it was kind of a vocation for him.

2) How many shows have you been in before? and which ones?

Jamie has been in two professional shows, Doctor Zhivago (playing Dr Zhivago) and Spring Awakening (playing Hanschen), but he did lots of other ones as well.

3) Among all these shows, which one have you preferred? 

As Spring Awakening was his first one, it left its mark and this show is definitely his favorite!

4) How did you learn about Les Misérables?

Jamie was in Melbourne when it happened. He was playing Dr Zhivago and one night, there were people from Mackintosh theatre (producing Les Misérables) who came to see the show. And apparently they thought Jamie was quite good and that he could  be the new ‘Marius’. But Jamie waited for a year without hearing anything from them; and consequently he posted a video on Youtube (I think the one below is an extract of it), which eventually gave him the job!!!

Les Miserables Jamie Ward – YouTube.

5) Why the character of Marius? was it a choice? or was it because a new ‘Marius’ was needed?

Jamie wishes it was a choice but it was not because he was not famous enough (which is unfair regarding how talented he is… but I know one day you’ll get to choose, Jamie ;)!). Anyway he really likes the character of ‘Marius’ because he’s got so many emotions. Indeed he’s got kind of a fire inside of him with the political aspect of the revolution, which takes his entire heart and body, and he’s also got this love for Cosette, which seems for a while without any future, and then he even kind of thinks of suicide because his love’s gone and there is nothing more for him on earth. So because of all these feelings, whether they are linked to the politics or to Cosette, he’s ready to die on the barricade. (Jamie, I don’t know if I’ve expressed everything you told me today the way you thought about it, but I did my best).

6) How did you react when you learnt you were going to play Marius at the Queen’s Theatre?

The first thing Jamie did was, of course, calling his parents. Then he told me that he sang and jumped everywhere.  And I guessed he was happy then (which was a silly question, Marie! Obviously he was happy!!!!!) and he said “Definitely Happy!!!” (like, “of course, Marie! It was one of the best thing ever!”)

7) You’re from Australia… Was it hard to leave your country, family and friends to come in England?

This question may seem a bit intrusive, but you already know that I left my country too and that I definitely don’t want to go back to France, … etc & I just like asking people who have lived the same situation about what THEY felt. So, of course, he told me that it was really hard, but thanks to his job, he met very nice people and he bonded ties with them & now they’re friends. So he’s fine.

8) What does it bring you to be on stage?

I really liked his answer. Jamie said he “felt more alive on stage than in real life”. He made me think about it and then I thought about it again and actually that is very understandable and absolutely fascinating in the same time. Try to think about all the emotions the characters express and then maybe you’ll understand what he means. I got it now ;)!

What do you love the most about being on stage?

Jamie answered that he liked the fact of feeling important, transmitting happy & sad emotions to the audience and consequently do something for the world. “It feels good” he said.

9) What do you prefer? singing on stage in front of hundreds of people or when you’re alone with your friends?

Jamie told me that both were different. He added that he was too self-conscious and that he couldn’t do in front of his friends what he does on stage. He said (and that’s absolutely normal) that it was more personal when he sang to his friends.

10) Do you have a favorite musical? 

Jamie’s top 3 is : 1. Les Misérables 2. Next to Normal 3. Spring Awakening

He told that the numbers 2 & 3 deal with incredible but tough topics.( And I don’t think I answered back when you said Les Mis was your favorite musical, Jamie; but even if it’s true that there is this coincidence you’re playing in the show when I ask what’s your favorite musical, I truly think that Les Mis is a wonder. It’s just SO good and nothing can beat it honestly!)

a character you’ve always wanted to play? a song you’ve always dreamt of singing?

Jamie is quite an ambitious and, above all, passionate person… so his answer to that question was simply “EVERYTHING” !

11) About Les Mis… Have you read the book? and what did you think about it?

Jamie has read the book and the first words he said about it were “Each paragraph is gold” & “Victor Hugo is a genius”. I cannot personally not agree with that, because Victor Hugo is my favorite author and I like everything he wrote, whether it was poetry, novels, plays, whatever… but my favorite book is DEFINITELY Les Misérables. I mean, I’ve read it and reread it; it’s just like I was born with that book in my hands and it’s almost like I’m tied to it. So I really could not not love the musical! Anyway, let’s go back to Jamie, because this is his interview and not mine :s! The words Jamie used to describe what he thought about the book were “The Best” and “Brilliant”… And who couldn’t agree with that? He added that the story was about 4 or 5 people and their struggle with themselves & with the outside world. So, if I can say so, this is a book about LIFE, isn’t it?

12) What is the most difficult song you have to sing (technically speaking and emotionally speaking)?

Even if Jamie said that Marius’ songs were not that hard to sing (but let’s not forget, Jamie, that you’re quite a gifted and talented singer! I mean, I can’t even sing the easiest song ever written (or at least not properly :s)! Not everybody’s got that gift!) , if he had to pick one, he’d say One Day More.

Emotionally speaking, he asserted without any doubt that the hardest one was Empty Chairs At Empty Tables.

What is your favorite song in the show? A little Fall of Rain

And what is your favorite song among the ones you sing? A little Fall of Rain

13) In one of your interview, you said that the songs of the musical spoke to people. In what extent do you think they do? 

“It’s just when you have your headphones on and the song you’re listening to makes you think of your own life.” Jamie said. He also added that the orchestra lifted the songs and so amplified the emotions and everything. How could we not agree? I’m sure we all have felt this at least once in our life!

Do you have a song that particularly speaks to you? and why?

The song of Les Mis, which particularly speaks to Jamie, is One Day More; notably because it’s about keeping on going in life and pushing through (which is perfectly in harmony with his personality). And he also said that the other songs spoke to him but only by the thought of it (for example, the thought of losing a friend).

14) Do you think the songs can bring something to people (apart from speaking to them so they may recognize themselves in those songs)?

Jamie replied that everybody was different and so each reception of a particular song was different. He notably pointed out the fact that he could see some people crying in the crowd (I don’t think he saw me crying, no… but after reading this blogpost he’ll definitely know I cried :s).

15) What is your typical day of work?

“I get up as late as possible ‘LOL'” (that’s quite understandable with the show in the evening!). “Then I cook eggs and bacon. I do the dishes, watch some TV series and sometimes I have an acting or singing class.” (Jamie doesn’t teach yet, as he corrected me, but I’m sure it will come :)!). And he, of course, ends most of his days on stage!

16) If I say that Les Misérables is about 3 things: LOVE, FIGHT & HOPE (LOVE because it is the sacred & profane thing which transforms & transcends/FIGHT because Les Mis reveals the need of people to fight for change & (social) justice/HOPE because it is the only thing to hold on to regarding the desperate conditions in which the characters live). Would you agree with that?



& HOPE… Yes

17) I heard that you’re finishing Les Mis in June. Do you know what you’re going to do next? Do you have any specific projects for your career?

“I’m gonna drink my sorrows! …and stay in England.” Jamie answered. He also told me that Aladdin was going to come in London and that he will audition for it. Well, besides his incredible voice, he quite looks like Aladdin, so he’s already got a good asset 😉 ! Anyway, I wish you a very good luck for everything you’re gonna undertake, Jamie – I’m sure you’ll make a great career!

I would like to thank Jamie Ward very much for giving me some of his time today to answer all my questions. I’m sorry if my English and accent were a bit rubbish once in a while during this interview, but I’ll keep a very good memory of it.

I hope everybody liked this post and if you want to know more about Les Misérables, you can visit the official website at http://www.lesmis.com

A bit more about Jamie in my post Dream the dream…

Another interview of the very talented Jamie –> 

With this,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉


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1, 2, 3, … London!!!

1, 2, 3, ... London!!!!

1, 2, 3, … London!!!!

I’m back from London but I already miss it a lot. This city has something special, I couldn’t say what exactly, but it has a kind of magic that, when you’re there, makes you think everything’s better here than anywhere else in the world! You agree, don’t you? Or maybe it is just me…

As usual, London didn’t disappoint me! And it might have something to do with the reunion with my dad & my little brother…

Indeed the reunion at the Saint-Ermins Hotel was more than a hearty welcome. I was really happy to see them again (and believe it or not, but especially my little bro who I’ve talked for hours to before we could start to do something like visiting or whatsoever!)

Welcome at the St-Ermins Hotel (London) !

Welcome at the St-Ermins Hotel (London) !

…but London wouldn’t be London without its marvelous sights!

Indeed during those four days, we’ve seen lots of things that London has to offer…

The V&A Museum

The V&A Museum

The British Museum and its amazing inside

The British Museum and its amazing inside

The very touristy Madame Tussauds Museum

The very touristy Madame Tussauds Museum

And let’s finish with the best memory I’ve brought back with me… THE awesome, amazing, stunning & everlasting MUSICAL… I’m obviously talking about Les Misérables

The must-see musical... Les Mis ♥♥♥

The must-see musical… Les Mis ♥♥♥

I really enjoyed this show!(but I think you got it 😉 !!!) The 6th of March 2013 will always stay in my mind as the best evening I’ve ever spent! The artists are more than amazing! I especially found the young boy who was playing Gavroche particularly impressing. To tell you the truth… the first time I read the book, I imagined Gavroche the way this boy gave him birth on stage that evening! But he’s not the only one who left his mark… Jamie Ward as Marius, Danielle Hope as Eponine, Geronimo Rauch as Jean Valjean, Celinde Schoenmaker as Fantine and Samantha Dorsey as Cosette are without any doubt & definitely my favorites!!! But Tam Mutu is an incredible Javert and Cameron Blakely knew how to make the character of Thénardier a bit funnier and less mean. In two words : an AMAZING CAST!!! The songs are simply stunning. But above all, there’s one thing I must say… Thank you, Victor Hugo! Because without him, this wouldn’t have even been possible!  I’d like to write a special post about this musical, so it may come one of these days… Excited?! I bet on it, yes!

With it, I hope you’ll like this article as much as I enjoyed those four days in London and…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉