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Brittany #4: The lovely local market in Perros-Guirec


And here we are, at the nice local market of Perros-Guirec!!! I must admit I almost begged my dad to take me there, because I knew I could take some great shots (and by the way, I hope you’ll agree on that point ;)!).

This market has all it takes to be a perfect local market! There, we found EVERYTHING from the very traditional stripped jerseys to the local alimentary products, whether they are cheeses, vegetables or even the so very yummy sweet things such as the unavoidable ‘milk jam’!!! 😉

With all these new photos, I hope I would have made you wanna go there for your next holiday, but meanwhile you can still drool over all these nice little things 😉

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American Gourmandises @Yumise – Discovered by Celine from Les Demoizelles

Yumise, l’eshop american gourmandises | Les demoizelles.


Hey hey my lovely ones, today I decided to have a little break from my posts about London (simply because I’m still working on them ^^ hihi)… but so as to make you wait in a most delightful way, I am going to talk about this very yummy e-shop I discovered thanks to Celine from Les Demoizelles

This shop is Yumise – American gourmandises! This is THE place to do your shopping if, just like me, you’re a bit of an American food addict :p! You’ll find everything you want, everything that is just SO American, and very VERY yummy ;)! Wether you’re looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner typical American treats, Yumise is definitely & without a doubt made for YOU! 

And so that you can have a little look at what they offer, I chose some photos of Celine, displaying some Oreo items :D!  I know what you think… “NAUGHTY“! But they’re my favourites ^^ Mmmm… (you can’t help a guilty pleasure, can you?!)

Enjoy! But only with your eyes… or at least, for now 😉


I wish you a very nice & yummy e-shopping, my sweet readers, and I will tell you the soonest as possible everything about my weekend in London 😉

With this, 

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉




Where to have your brunch in Paris… #MyFavourites

Just in case some of you are going to spend this weekend or their holiday in Paris (like I will probably do ^^), here’s my favourite addresses to brunch :p! It doesn’t matter who you are, you will, without any doubt, find a place that looks like you among this little selection ;p!

I don’t want to make you wait any longer, so here’s my little bunch of salons de thé & Co. 🙂

Here we go then…

* For those who like being near the fire with a lovely british cup of tea & a very yummy scone or for those who haven’t really got over this never-ending cold period… au coin du feu

Le Quincampe is for you (76 rue Quincampoix 75004)…

* For the ones, who love having pancakes… brunch crêpes

There is the unmissable Pata’ Krep (18 rue Oberkampf 75011)…

* If you want to have fresh products and stay close to the “market spirit”…brunch du marché

You cannot visit Paris without having a brunch at La Bouche B (1 rue d’Eupatoria 75020)…

* For those of you who prefer having their brunch in a cosy place… coin douillet

L’Oisivethé is definitely made for you 😉 (1 rue Jean-Marie Jégo 75013)…

* Now for those who need a detox moment :p… detox

There’s only one place I can imagine you having you made to measure brunch, and this place is Soya (20 rue de la Pierre Levée 75011)…

* For my sweet readers, who, just like me, love having a big family brunch… en famille

I couldn’t advise a better place than Le café qui parle (24 rue Caulaincourt 75018)…


* For the very VERY greedy ones, who like to try a bit (or not just a bit ^^) of everything, who (in a word) are slightly like Gargantua and could literally eat everything they’re suggested :p… le gargantuesque

Le Brunch du Zaganin is made for you (81 rue de Rochechouart)…

* For those of you who want their New York in Paris… new yorkais

Ellis Island Café is the exact right place for you to have a very yummy and traditional New Yorker brunch (5 rue Perronet 75007)…

* Now here’s a very special place for my Nutella lovers (and I must admit that I am a little tempted ^^)… orgie de nutella

Let me introduce you to Le Sans-Gêne (112 rue Legendre 75017)…

* To the most lazy of you all, you’re gonna love this concept: a home brunch, a brunch brought straight to your place! Isn’t that what you’ve always waited for?!… sous la couette - brunch volant

Well, Sophie la Parisienne offers you this great opportunity…

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 10.33.24

* And last but not least, my very favourite place to have a brunch and a good read at the same time…pour bouquiner

My very cherished La fourmi ailée with its sumptuous decor (8 rue Fouarre 75005)…

Ready to brunch now?!

I think you are indeed :p so…

Keep holding on to what you love, be yourself to pick the right place & most of all, enjoy the ride of life 😉

Bisous Bisous my sweet Parisian gourmets 🙂 ❤