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★ 1 Wand & 3 Wishes ★ #1 : Spring’s (apparently) here!!! :D

New category today!

‘1 Wand & 3 Wishes’ is going to provide kind of a wish list every time it is published. Today’s wish list revolves around spring, which has finally come out (unlessI’m hallucinating 🌀🌀).

So here’s my first spring wish list…

1 Wand & 3 Wishes #1

1. Chalkhouse Gilet – Jack Wills 2. Sleepers NERO EDERA ANNIEL – PlaceDesTendances 3. Natasha Bag by Paul’s Boutique – Topshop

I hope you liked it! ;p

I know you can’t wait for the next one 😉 :p

Anyway and as usual,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉



So “Stylishly” British!!!!

One says there’s a time for everything but now …it’s time to speak about fashion, guys !!!!

THE British style is, in my opinion, one “must talk” topic!!! After all, the London fashion week is one of the best fashion weeks in the whole world (even if, as a French young lady, I have to say that the Paris fashion week is REALLY awesome !!!)

If one wants to find one of the biggest positive points of Great Britain, it is without any doubt its fashion!

Indeed England overflows of very nice brands of clothing such as ASOS, Superdry, Ted Baker, Laura Ashley, Monsoon, Mark Spencer… but I think that, currently, Jack Wills is THE reference in England. The so “fabulously British” famous university outfitter id the “must wear” for every It-girl …

Even if the slogan mentions the universities, Jack Wills is definitely not a brand of uniforms!!! Or that’s really cool uniforms we’re talking about… Let’s have a look…

Pretty cool, uh?!

Anyway, speaking of uniforms, England is pretty famous for it! I find it so cute, so lovely to see children come back from school with the uniforms of their respective schools! It shows a kind of patriotic feeling… and to be honest, I would have loved to wear uniforms in primary, middle & high school !!!

I don’t know about you but, each time I see a girl or a boy wearing a uniform, it makes me think of Harry Potter’s one. Isn’t it great? Can you imagine (quite a few years ago if you’re my age) going to school with your magnificent cleaned & pressed uniform and doing just as if you were in Hogwarts? I’ sure it makes you want to go back to school now, doesn’t it?

Anyway if there’s only one country to trust about fashion when you need any advice, it is England (but French people are quite good at it too, not to say VERY good… I don’t want you to think I’m a chauvinist, but England is not, stylishly speaking, perfect all the time : there are still a few things (details but really) to improve!) !!!!

With this, Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉