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Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life


Pinthebest #6 & the Super Sweet Blogger Award


First of all, I would say a big thank you to White Trinity, who nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogger Award! I’m very moved by this award, especially because sweet is the way I’ve always wanted people to see me and think of me :)… so I’m more than glad to receive that award ;)! It’s not a smile that appeared on my face when I saw it this morning, but lots of butterflies flying restlessly in my whole body :D! In a word, I think you will have understood that I’m very VERY happy!

This joy may also have something to do with the fact that I’m going to London next weekend, where I will meet some friends and enjoy this city, well… make the most of it before I go back to France (in 2 weeks now… a bit less actually! :/ Time flies! Cliché?! I don’t think so… it’s just gone so quickly!!! I wish I could have stayed longer, as you already know that, but the only fact of seeing my little brother again prevents me from crying (at least for now :s)!)

And so as to celebrate this SUPER SWEET BLOGGER AWARD, I wanted to make you a little treat & thus edit a new special Pinthebest, with lots of very yummy sweet summery things (I’m obviously thinking of the MUST of every summer… the delicious, various and diverse ice creams !!!! Mmmm… YUMMY, YUMMY ^^).

SONY DSC 35de1a6b47ca64d9fffe13917698cb11 42f6d3c56fe2a69cde0916a3cc3eaa61 44c6603bdd1c2c1162dc775ccd1a2ec6 b354a42b383a7fd71e878a6b7fac99ea a5bdd47cbc50ea1b3f073cf2307a1da3 bc824eec3e83188cb683a4ae180ce778 e223c546aaae3d3b70c20c452860512a b8e6cae996101f3bd6faf8e16665731c

Ready for a yummy summery treat now?! Well… Let’s pick a spoon then ^^ 3189265ed5de89eb26f9773aa9c65751

And don’t forget, my sweet ice creamed readers…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life (but ICE CREAM above everything ^^) 😉

Lots of sweet kisses X



Pinthebest #5

Hey my lovely ones! I’m just writing a little post to share a new ‘Pinthebest‘! This one is supposed to (I said “supposed to”) call for this way too long-awaited summer!!! Because, let’s say it, it really feels like it’s never gonna come… I know I sound a bit desperate right now, but aren’t we all in the same situation?

Oh come on SUMMER!!!!

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I hope you liked this new edition of ‘Pinthebest‘ and I dare hope it will help the sun come (I mean… FOR GOOD!!!) very VERY VERY soon!!!

With this, my little sunshines,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉

xoxo ❤