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🎁🎉 Blog Contest #1🎉🎁 – Vintage Beauty



First Blog Contest! Ooooh I’m so excited!!! 😀 So I dare hope that you are too ;)!

This first contest, entitled ‘Vintage Beauty’ (don’t ask me why I gave it that name, I don’t know… probably because of the effects I gave to my photos, who knows? ;)!), can allow you to win these two very peppy & colorful nail polishes (and what’s best than purple and orange to color your day?), which will give a little pep to your days, as well as this beautiful bundle of cosmetics samples!

To try to win this lovely assortment, it’s very simple! The only things you have to do are:

  • liking ON MY WAY’s official Facebook Page (if it’s not already done ;)!) and following me on Twitter and Instagram (ps: if you haven’t subscribed to all those social media (and I’m not asking you to!), you simply put up with the ones where you’ve signed up ;)!)
  • leaving a comment on this post and tell me why you’d like to be the very lucky winner of the first ON MY WAY’s Blog Contest ;)!




I hope you’ll like this first Blog Contest, which begins today and will end Saturday, 4th May!

Take your chance & Enjoy taking part :p! and remember…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉


PS : To all my male readers… you may not feel very concerned by this contest regarding the prizes you might win, but let me tell you that you should! Indeed, you could make a very nice surprise to your girlfriend! (who knows? she may like it ;)!)

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💛 Another Liebster Blog Award: What an honour! 💛

Wow!!!!!!! I’ve been nominated a second time for the Liebster Blog Award… by My Little Fashion Week this time (who has a very LOVELY Fashion blog!)! I would just like to thank her VERY much (you kind of made my day today 😉 Hope you know that :p!!!).

As I told her a bit earlier, I’ve already posted an article with my 11 nominated blogs and 11 things about me, etc. quite recently… So I decided to simply answer her 11 questions, which will be another opportunity for you, guys, to know me a bit better 😉

Nonetheless, if you have other questions, you can still contact me and it will be a pleasure to answer them 😉 !

Here are her questions…

1. Why did you create that blog?

I first created that blog to share my 6 months-experience in England, but then I simply got caught up in the ‘blog game’, and I simply wanted to share even more with you (who, by the way, kept on coming more and more numerous on the blog… I’ll never be thankful enough for that, guys! Cheers!!!).

2. What’s your favorite moment of the day?

My favorite moment of the day is definitely and without any doubt BED TIME!!! (No, I’m not lazy!!!!! My days are very busy and I like to find my bed again when time has come ;)!)

3. Your favorite color? the one you hate?

I like ALL the colors and can’t consequently answer that question (even if I may have a little fondness for PURPLE :p!)

4. If you had a superpower, which one would it be?

I’d love to turn back the clock to live every exceptional moment again and again!

5. Do you prefer spending 400 € for lots of clothes or just for a gorgeous one?

400 € for lots of clothes, DEFINITELY!!! Kind of a collector, so… ;p

6. Your make-up brand?

Mostly Bare Minerals ®

7. Trainers or heels?

Definitely heels!!! The only sport shoes I wear are my riding shoes 🐴

8. Your biggest dream?

When I was little, my biggest dream was to have my own horse, but that one came true, so it doesn’t count :p! Let me think… I’d like to be able to make everyone smile, to be this little light that day for that person, who needed it more than everyone else. Yep, that’s kind of my biggest dream now, seeing a smile on every face :)!

9. What kind of music do you like?

I LOVE  music from musicals… but otherwise I’m not really complicated, I listen to everything!

10. Your favorite town/city in the world (even if you’ve never been there)?

London (in case you hadn’t noticed yet ;)!) DEFINITELY!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

 11. Your favorite season?

Spring 😀

Hope you liked this other post dedicated to the Liebster Blog Award!

With this, and as usual,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉


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Best of #TheBrunette


© TheBrunette – http://www.thebrunette.fr

The Brunette.

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to post the best of my favorite looks of #TheBrunette!

Her blog is another one I truly fancy reading or even only looking at (because let’s say it, these girl’s looks are amazing!!! LOVE THEM ❤❤❤!!!)

I really like the name of her blog as well, because as a ‘brunette’, I kind of find myself her posts 😉 !

Anyway, ‘brunette’ or not, this blog is another really nice FashionBlog (probably one of my favorite ^^!) and, as far as I’m concerned, a must-read!!!

So if you’ve got some time, you’ll know what to do 😉

Keep holding on to what you love, my lovely ones, & enjoy the ride of life 😉