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Discover… ‘My little Geekette box’ by LES DEMOIZELLES

My little Geekette box | Les demoizelles.

This is a blog I really fancy and it’s been a while now that I wanted to introduce you to the phenomenon “MY LITTLE BOX”, but I didn’t know how. But after seeing Les demoizelles’ gorgeous pictures of their last blogpost, I knew I had found how to do that. Moreover, the photographed “LITTLE BOX” is the “LITTLE GEEKETTE BOX”, which is kind of appropriate when you’re a blogger (isn’t it?).

I don’t really know if it exists in England, bur THIS is one of the nice French things ! I really like the concept! I think it’s a bit like opening a Kinder egg :p !

Anyway, I think I’ve spoken enough for now… I’m just going to let you have a look at some of their photos … Enjoy!

And most of all, don’t forget…

Keep holding on to what yo love & enjoy the ride of life 😉