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Press minute #5: Take 5…


Hey you, my lovely ones! I hope everybody’s well 🙂

I’m just writing this little ‘press minute’ to tell you to take five minutes (or even only 5 seconds are enough) of your time to have a look at the City Of Hope and create your own badge so as to become a Citizen of Hope. This is very simple; you just have to go on their website and write down one thing that gives you hope, and then it’s done… your badge’s ready!

I created mine a few days ago and, as you can see it, SMILE is what gives me hope 😀 So now it’s your turn… What gives you hope?

“We are a city powered by hope. Not just by ours, but by yours too. Hope doesn’t just fuel the dream of curing diseases that affect millions of people worldwide; it turns those dreams into reality. At City of Hope, every discovery, treatment and cure we make is powered by hope.

So, what gives you hope? Tell us by writing your word on the badge below. Let your hope be the spark that inspires others to join us in our fight against cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.”

I really like the concept and consequently wanted to share it with you 😉 !

So don’t be selfish and TAKE 5 to bring hope to those who need some (who knows?! it may include near relations and perhaps even yourself )

With this,

Keep holding on to what you love & “LET YOUR HOPE BE THE SPARK THAT INSPIRES OTHERS” 😉