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Some lovely & gorgeous creations @ 👠💄👗 Esprit 50s 👠💄👗

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 14.40.39

OMG! Today is such an exciting day (even though this happiness is limited now that I’m separated from my little cat…:(!!! )! I’ve had some good news and so as to celebrate, I had a lovely (but cheeky) buy on Esprit Fiftieswebsite!

Look at the beautiful headband I’ve just ordered… I truly can’t wait to have it ^^!!!


Eva von Dotties, the designer of Esprit Fifties, takes you back to the 50s with all her gorgeous & very feminine creations! She makes you discover (or Rediscover) the pinups’ world and all the fashion of those years we are nowadays definitely in love with (don’t dare tell me the opposite :p!).

I’m just gonna let you discover my little selection of my favourite creations now 😉 This one is mostly made up of headbands (I’m a big fan! I must admit :p!), but you’ll also see a magnificent pair of tights, as well as a lovely bracelet 🙂

Enjoy… my little budding pinups 😉

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If you want to follow Eva’s brand new works, you can like Esprit Fifties’ Facebook Page or follow this incredible designer on Twitter and Instagram!!!

I promise you won’t be disappointed! I am personally absolutely enchanted by every new collection!!!!

With this,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉

Much love from the 50s :p!!! ❤ ❤



* My Little PARTY Box *



YAY! It’s finally time to release my first “My Little Box” post! I must say that I’m quite happy with everything I’ve received! This little PARTY box has got a truly lovely content and all the beautiful items are KINDA helping me go through my being back in France :/!

This Little PARTY Box is an extraordinary summery box and is more than ever needed :p! Plus it also invites you to party… and honestly, is there a better season to do so else than summer?! Mmmm… I don’t think so! So LET’S PARTY!!!!


The first little gift is a beautiful illustration by the very talented Kanako, accompanied by a Katherine Hepburn’s quote I absolutely LOVE and agree with :)! DSCF3151

The second item is a beautiful bunch of ephemeral tattoo bracelets, totally ideal for summer parties ^^!!! ❤ LOVE THEM ❤DSCF3152

Then there were a very nice scrunchie that will rock my hair ;p & another lovely bracelet that is gonna be perfect for the whole summer, as you can either wear it during your day or when you go out (Clever, isn’t it?!)!!!DSCF3154

And last but not least, when it comes to the beauty products of my little box, I got a great bunch of summery cosmetics, such as a glittering corporal oil, an hydrating treatment for a youthful body with Hydro-Regulating complex (though I don’t think I really need it, it’s always useful after a good old party (if you know what I mean:p) !!!), a sparkly brown eye pencil and a lovely eyeshadow! DSCF3150

And a little box won’t be complete without MY LITTLE WORLD magazine :p so now here it is! I can’t wait to try all that! I hope you liked the post and all my little beauty items 😉

I don’t know if you’re already an addict to my little box, but if you’re not, I hope my article will tempt you!

With this my beauties,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉



A few lovely Mother’s Day Gift ideas for my sweet latecomers ^^ …

Yes, my lovely ones! You’re not dreaming… Mother’s Day is this Sunday in France, so… just in case you would have forgotten, it is one of my blogger duties to remind it to you :p 🙂 !

Thus, for all my adorable Mother’s Day latecomers, who wouldn’t have found the perfect gift yet, or who would simply have forgotten… I made a little selection with a few present ideas, that your mum would very probably like…

Regarding my hopeless & disastrous relationship with my mother, who’s not really in my life anymore (because I want to! don’t pity me, I decided not to see her… even if I’m not sure she really wants to see me neither… but NEVER MIND!!!), I didn’t know whether to write this post or not… But then I thought of all the desperate souls, loitering in every single shop they might know, trying to find the greatest gift for their very beloved Mummy… and I kinda took pity on them… The same struggle every year, isn’t it?!

Well, don’t worry, my dear sweet desperate souls, Marie prepared a lovely little bunch of very fashionable goods that all your mums have always dreamt of having for their very special day of the year!!!

Mother's day

1. Mango Body Butter – THE BODY SHOP 2. Mango Beautifying Oil – THE BODY SHOP 3. Mango whip body lotion – THE BODY SHOP 4. Hipanema Good Bracelet – MINIMALL 5. English Tea Shop/Lemongrass Ginger Citrus – La Thé Box 6. Petit Beurre Crunched Pillow – Bonjour Mon Coussin 7. Pies – 40 tourtes sensationnelles by Philippe Conticini – DECITRE 8. ‘Lion Plumes’ shopping bag – Super 

I don’t know about you, but I really like this little selection… I mean, look at the lovely bracelet (I would LOVE to get for myself), the so cute crunched Petit Beurre pillow to remind your loving mum the first biscuits she may have given you for your first “goûters” (afternoon teaS), the very trendy shopping bag and all those other little treats, that will definitely thrill her for HER dedicated day!

Still no idea of what to get your sweet mummy??? I don’t believe you! You’re probably just being lazy ;p!!! Come on, guys, put up your shoes and cardigan and let’s get your mum a very memorable Mother’s Day gift 😉

With this, I wish you a very nice last-minute shopping-trip 😉 and a very good weekend with your very much loved & loving little mummy 😀

Just don’t forget…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉

Lots of Love ❤