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Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life

Let’s get ready for Father’s Day!

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Yep… as Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, I think it’s time now to share my little selection of Father’s Day gift ideas!

I don’t think it’s really useful to tell you how important this day is to me… As I’m living with the most extraordinary dad on Earth! So this article is dedicated to him, and if he gets time to read it, he will probably find out what his gift is going to be this year ;p!

Anyway, if you, my lovely ones, have ABSOLUTELY no idea of what to get your very beloved daddy, I suggest you have a look at this little bunch of items ^^!

NB: My dad loves sweet treats, that’s why half of my selection is basically composed of very yummy things ^^ !!!

Let's get ready for Father's Day 2013

1. Ralph Lauren – Polo Blue, Fragrance at The Perfume Shop  2. Watch Cacao Rebel – Swatch  3. Paul Smith Wallets – Navy Burnished Leather Billfold Wallet at Paul Smith 4. Ladurée CRISTAL Box – Ladurée 5.Luxury Crystal Sachet Presentation Box – Tea Palace LONDON 6. Ladurée chocolates – Ladurée

Woop, Woop! Here it is! And now? Have you found some inspiration over here?! I hope you have 😉

This year, I will be in London, so dad won’t have his present before the following weekend when he comes to pick me up (but when I think about that… I am gonna be his most beautiful gift for Father’s Day, aren’t I?! :p).

Oh well! he will have a little something else too anyway… ;p

With this, I would like to wish you a very lovely Father’s Day Sunday with your dad! Enjoy every second of it!!!

Much love to all of you ❤

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉



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