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Where to have your brunch in Paris… #MyFavourites


Just in case some of you are going to spend this weekend or their holiday in Paris (like I will probably do ^^), here’s my favourite addresses to brunch :p! It doesn’t matter who you are, you will, without any doubt, find a place that looks like you among this little selection ;p!

I don’t want to make you wait any longer, so here’s my little bunch of salons de thé & Co. 🙂

Here we go then…

* For those who like being near the fire with a lovely british cup of tea & a very yummy scone or for those who haven’t really got over this never-ending cold period… au coin du feu

Le Quincampe is for you (76 rue Quincampoix 75004)…

* For the ones, who love having pancakes… brunch crêpes

There is the unmissable Pata’ Krep (18 rue Oberkampf 75011)…

* If you want to have fresh products and stay close to the “market spirit”…brunch du marché

You cannot visit Paris without having a brunch at La Bouche B (1 rue d’Eupatoria 75020)…

* For those of you who prefer having their brunch in a cosy place… coin douillet

L’Oisivethé is definitely made for you 😉 (1 rue Jean-Marie Jégo 75013)…

* Now for those who need a detox moment :p… detox

There’s only one place I can imagine you having you made to measure brunch, and this place is Soya (20 rue de la Pierre Levée 75011)…

* For my sweet readers, who, just like me, love having a big family brunch… en famille

I couldn’t advise a better place than Le café qui parle (24 rue Caulaincourt 75018)…


* For the very VERY greedy ones, who like to try a bit (or not just a bit ^^) of everything, who (in a word) are slightly like Gargantua and could literally eat everything they’re suggested :p… le gargantuesque

Le Brunch du Zaganin is made for you (81 rue de Rochechouart)…

* For those of you who want their New York in Paris… new yorkais

Ellis Island Café is the exact right place for you to have a very yummy and traditional New Yorker brunch (5 rue Perronet 75007)…

* Now here’s a very special place for my Nutella lovers (and I must admit that I am a little tempted ^^)… orgie de nutella

Let me introduce you to Le Sans-Gêne (112 rue Legendre 75017)…

* To the most lazy of you all, you’re gonna love this concept: a home brunch, a brunch brought straight to your place! Isn’t that what you’ve always waited for?!… sous la couette - brunch volant

Well, Sophie la Parisienne offers you this great opportunity…

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 10.33.24

* And last but not least, my very favourite place to have a brunch and a good read at the same time…pour bouquiner

My very cherished La fourmi ailée with its sumptuous decor (8 rue Fouarre 75005)…

Ready to brunch now?!

I think you are indeed :p so…

Keep holding on to what you love, be yourself to pick the right place & most of all, enjoy the ride of life 😉

Bisous Bisous my sweet Parisian gourmets 🙂 ❤



2 thoughts on “Where to have your brunch in Paris… #MyFavourites

  1. Oh my gosh! Hmmm….yummy, they all look very tempting!! Thanks for the addresses, I’m going to keep in a corner of my mind the Ellis Island Café…it looks so deliciooous!!! 😉

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