On my way… by Marie

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life

To my Best Friend…

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This post is a bit special because it’s dedicated to my best friend… He probably doesn’t read any of these articles, but it’s always worth saying what’s on your mind so…

The only thing I’ve got to say really is “I miss you… like terribly and I just wanted to tell you that every day without you hurts a lot.”

I don’t know how you’re supposed to live knowing that this unique person who is your best friend simply let you down after years and years of friendship. I really don’t know. I thought that my best friend would always be there… But apparently he’s gone for good and…even if I have other friends, nobody can replace him!

When you have a best friend you deeply know that wherever you go,  you’re not going there alone. And now I just feel like I am… alone, without anybody by my side or watching my back anymore.

It’s really crazy because he was and still is the person who give me strength, but he took everything back so easily in just a few seconds…

But as he said, life goes on and… I guess I just have to keep holding on to what and who I love (but that includes him, so whether I want it or not he’ll always be a part of my life ?!) & enjoy the ride of life 😉

Keep holding on as well, guys and I write to you very soon 😉


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