On my way… by Marie

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life

I’ve found a second family… <3

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Hi there, I hope you didn’t miss me too much (no, I don’t think so… I didn’t miss me anyway!) I haven’t written for quite a long time now, but I’ve been very busy with some school stuffs and with the shop as well, so I didn’t really get time to write.

But anyway, today I want to tell you a bit more about the family that welcomes me…

I live with a lady and her two daughters who truly view me as their little sister! And regarding the fact that at home I am the eldest, it’s quite pleasant 🙂 . Concerning their mother… she is really kind and sweet, well she’s like a common mum. She even told me that I was like her third daughter… In a word, she is the mum I haven’t had for the last few years.

I had almost forgotten what it was to belong to a normal family, where my status is the one I should have when I’m at home in France, the status of a daughter and a sister, the status of a 18-year-old girl.

It feels really good, you know… especially because when I am in France I live with two men, my father and my little bro. But here, I’ve found what it was like to talk about girls’ stuffs again & everyday I experience THE SHOWER TIME (this time where it is literary the war to get the shower in the morning when everybody’s in a rush!!!!)… but it’s fine, and you know why? because it is just the way things are supposed to be!

They are my second family and I can’t imagine spending these 6 months with anybody else.

I hope that wherever you are you have this feeling to belong somewhere, to belong to what one can call a FAMILY (a real one).

Keep holding on to what you love, dear readers, & enjoy the ride of life 😉



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