On my way… by Marie

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life

“Thank you my lovely, bye my darling”… Is this the real world? People can’t be that nice! Oh, but wait a second…I’m in England!!!

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You can say whatever you want, but british people are the nicest people in the entire world (or at least, if we made a classification, they would for sure be on the top).

I’ve started working in this Sue Ryder charity shop on Hayling Island and I must say that our manager is really kind (or maybe it is just me because I’m the youngest volunteer and their lovely little Frenchie 😉 ). Anyway it truly feels like she is everybody’s mother and she is a very simple woman, who makes you feel very comfortable. In short, she is the GREATEST BOSS EVER !!!

But this is just an example… England overflows with nice people. As previously explained, people are very welcoming and they make you feel like you’re part of their family, the BIG BRITISH FAMILY ! People call you “my sweetie”, “my lovely “or “my darling” even when they barely know you. And to be honest, I find it quite incredible. Compared to them, French people are …COLDER. (I don’t want to paint a bleak picture after what I’ve just said but even if most of the English people show a lot of consideration, some others are definitely WEIRD, well you know what I mean :s).

So I really wish everybody to go to England one day or another, wether it is for its history, architecture, food (even if that one would be surprising, one never knows) or whatever. But if you don’t have any of these motivations, you have at least the desire to be loved, happy and supported. That’s why British people are the best friends you can have (despite the few weird people, you’ll always find the kind of great persons I’ve described).

With this, I wish you a very nice day. Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life 😉



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